Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*

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Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*
Ultra Pro Automatic Curler - *HOT SELLING*

Mysterious and stylish representatives is a timeless trend!! This automatic Curler will make your hair curly within minutes. 

✅ Ceramic Curl Chamber with cover.
✅ Intelligent Temperature Control.
✅ Curl Direction Settings (Right, Left, Auto)
✅ Set your own time (8,10,12,15 seconds) for different curls.


Power source: Electric
Voltage: 100-240 V
Power: 60 W
Size: approx.27 * 10.5 CM
Power Cable Mounting Tail Mode: 360 ° Rotary



10X Easier 

No more frustrating hours trying to figure out how to hold a curler, hold your hair and hold your breath the same time! Sugarcomb makes curling as easy as using a toaster- it simply makes all the decisions and delivers a crisp, beautiful curl.

10X Safer

No burns. NO Burns. NO BURNS! Curling is so tricky, even experts tend to burn themselves or the sides of their faces and neck sometimes. By using Sugarcomb Ultra Pro Curler you're completely avoiding even the slightest chances of burning. All the heat and curling takes place inside the curling chamber, far from your face.


10X Convenient

You can also change these buttons to vary curl styles at any time you wish. Using this tool is simple and easy to learn. This tool is also extremely convenient to pack and carry to vacations, weddings or even a fun night with your girls.

10 X More Efficient

The Intelligent Spooling Automation allows curls to be uniform and consistent. The curl thickness, bounciness and length is also perfected through animation. This kind of skill takes years of expertise when working with a curling iron or curling wand. This is the perfect tool for beauty enthusiastic women who are new to hairstyling at home. At the same time, Sugarcomb can also be a experts favorite tool with its fuss free and reliable curl creation.




  • Ensure hair is dry and combed through. Comb each section and thoroughly remove tangles before curling.
  • Plug the curler into a suitable mains socket.
  • Slide the ON/OFF switch to turn it on.
  • The curler is ready for use when the temperature on the screen stops flashing.
  • To change to desired temperature press the + – BUTTON
  • There are 4 timer settings, choose the required setting for the hair type. Select your timer settings according by pressing the MODEL BUTTON.
  • Select the curl direction by pressing the L/R BUTTON
  • Separate a section of hair that is no bigger than 3cm (Diagram A). Ensure that the section is clean, dry and combed through.
  • Please note the curler must be positioned into the hair with the open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head. (Diagram B).
  • Position the curler where you want the curl to start. The hair section must be held straight, and placed neatly through the centre of the curler.
  • Once the hair is in place, let go of the hair section and close the handle to allow the hair to be automatically taken into the curl chamber.